Will electromobility change Polish economy?


What is electromobility? Poland starts to implement a plan the result of which the number of electric cars driven on Polish roads will increase to 1 million in 2025. It is related to aiming at creating a domestic market for electric vehicles that are to become export commodity from the one site, from the other one a driver of the whole national economy’s modernization, leading to increasing competitiveness, and innovativeness.

Polish electric car

A few days ago Polish company Electromobility Poland, set up by Polish energy giants (PGE Group, TAURON Polish Energy, Energa, Enea) opened a contest for a project of the car body for Polish urban electric vehicle. Not only companies but also private persons can participate in the competition in the result of which there will be five prototypes approved to further development. Next stage will bring technology, so as to start mass production already in 2020 and be ready to export Polish electric cars on a large scale five years later. Whether that will happen, no one can say, especially when taking into consideration a pace of changes in the car market, and generally in technology. There are many factors capable of influencing success or failure of this plan. There are many challenges as well. Today Poland has virtually no charging network. Currently, there are only 305 stations, but a plan is to increase the number of charging stations to 6, 5 thousand and over three hundred fast charging stations by 2020. To this end, the government has created Electrification of Motorization Plan, because expanding charging stations network is crucial for developing such type of transport.

As Michał Kurtyka, Deputy Minister of Energy pointed out during signing the plan: “a fundamental challenge is to take a side of the user”,enabling users to move around by electric car. Plan for developing electromobility is a holistic issue, and that was the reason for creating the Electromobility Poland company. And even though it launched a competition for the urban electric car, the vehicle is not a goal in itself. In addition to the car, there are also e-buses, in which Poland is already a European leader. Self-governments have declared cooperation in this field, what means a considerable increase of public electric buses in the existing framework of a communication system in Polish cities.