Why do we all need 5G?


When customers have access to 5G on a massive scale, and estimates show that it may happen by 2025, fast downloading of movies in 4K will be not a tech novelty. Ultrafast Internet will allow connecting massive amounts of devices to the wireless network. They will be able to communicate with one another and react to specific situations faster than a human could see. It looks even more attractive when taking a closer look.

Assuming that we want our house to be smart, we connect other devices to the network.  Smart doorbell, lock that will let us share access to our home with friends, security cameras located around the house are among them. Apart from that, there is tv, blinds that close and open depending on the weather. To make our homes smarter, we can have thermostats that enable us to maintain right temperature, lighting that changes with the time of the day and reacts to householders’ habits, home appliances like washing machine, oven, and finally smart speaker that control other devices. All those devices need a connection to the Internet. To all these conveniences we can add home health care that allows for remote monitoring of patients’ condition and alerts a doctor in an emergency.   That’s another group of connected devices relying on the reliability of the network.

Outside the home, we will have the opportunity to move around in autonomous cars. These have to communicate with each other, traffic lights. They will analyze data coming from all sensors and cameras in real time. They need an ultrafast, reliable Internet connection to work correctly because in this case response time is a matter of safety. 5G will have low latency, reduced to 1 millisecond. The response will be immediate. Robocar will react faster than a human can.

The autonomous car is another connected device relying on the transfer of a massive amount of data. However, in a smart city, a car is only one of many elements. Here we have lighting, surveillance cameras, traffic monitoring, city infrastructure monitoring, water supply, electricity – to name a few. All these devices have to communicate with each other and are based on sending and receiving data. They need a fast and reliable Internet connection.

At the time when 5G will be available on a large scale, everyone will be able to take advantage of the Internet of Things. That will totally change the way we live.