The most socially responsible company in the world

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Every single company asked about the place of a client on its list of priorities always states that client is the first one. Nowadays Clients are aware that they exert a real influence on companies activities. The client can not only rate a product through making a choice in the store but also describe its features on social media or comment on his or hers own blog. And the number of these channels of exerting influence increases. The Nielsen research institute has conducted research on Corporate Social Responsibility. It has shown that Clients pay more attention to social responsibility. Globally 67 percent of consumers prefer to work with socially responsible companies, 55 percent are willing to pay more for product or service provided by a company which cares about its positive impact on environment and society. 52 percent of consumers check product packaging to ensure its sustainable impact.

The top of global list of companies prized for social responsibility belongs to technology giant – Google. The company ranks high because of intensive CSR activities taken on many fronts together.
For instance, Google Green is a wide range of activities leading to “greening the company” through efficient use of energy and support for renewable energy.
For instance, Google Green is a wide range of activities leading to “greening the company” by using energy efficiently and supporting renewable energy. As a result, Google data centers use 50 percent less energy than the average. And, the company has been carbon-neutral since 2007. Apart from that, Google invests in renewable energy sector and is the biggest corporate purchaser of green power on the planet.
Aside from saving energy, Google is active in the field of increasing diversity in the company, stating that “a diverse mix of voices leads to better discussions, decisions, and outcomes for everyone” (Sundar Pichai, CEO Google). Google continually improves its recruitment process what leads to a gradual increase in hiring people of various ethnic origin. Apart from that, the giant attaches great importance to sexual diversity. As a result, it employs more women than an average in the tech industry, but also it has more women in leadership positions. There are many activities aiming at changing tech industry as a whole. Its major problem is a small proportion of women amongst computer science students. Therefore Google commissions research to identify factors that motivate to studying computer science but not only among women but also among other underrepresented minorities. What is more, Google runs Women Techmakers program for women in technology.

Holistic look at Google’s activities in the field of social responsibility and sustainability perfectly describes a direction taken by enterprises that care about the environment in which they operate. That is the direction towards creating enterprises that strive to minimize an impact on the natural environment while at the same time contributing to community development.
Obviously, they don’t resign from profit but seek to create added value at the same time. Clients, investors and overall – environment pay increased attention to it and slowly becomes a motivation to purchase a given product or service. Bearing in mind a growing Clients determination for supporting businesses that care about the environment in which they operate, show that soon only sustainable companies will have a place in the market.
Because presently shareholders expect more than only huge profits. They expect higher transparency of companies which operate in their environment. And they appreciate companies openness and responsible approach to development. The world simply pays more attention to the CSR.