Why is Turkey so important for Europe?

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Coup attempt on Friday, July 15 once again drew attention to Turkey. Over the last few years this country hit the headlines many times. Tangle of different events leads to one conclusion. What happens in Turkey has more and more significant implications for global political and economic order, including impact on the European Union. War… Read More »

Bosphorus bridge

Turkish Wrestling

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Turkey has begun to build its position already after economic crisis in 2001, when a large budget deficit entailed a retreat of foreign investors. They withdrew a capital of 70 billion dollars in a matter of few months what has led Turkish lira to slump and caused stock exchange crash. Crisis, triggered directly by the… Read More »

F-22 Raptor

The purpose of the NATO

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North Atlantic Treaty Organization was set up in 1948 to defend Western Europe against Stalin’s aspirations, through military support to countries devastated during the Second World War. After downfall of the Soviet Union, countries from the former Eastern block have joined NATO. At that time NATO has lost enemy that justified its existence for over… Read More »