Norwegian capitalism

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Statoil is the biggest Norwegian company known to everyone in Poland. It is also a perfect image of Norway’s economy, which by virtue of drastic fall of oil prices, is in increasingly difficult situation. Since the start of industrial era Norway’s economy has been fueled by natural resources. Oil and gas are the main economic… Read More »


Banks still underrate startups

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Investment in the fintech startups has skyrocketed in the last two years. Owing to the capital injection, firms change the loan, payment and investment management market. New technologies also form the backbone of many new banks. We are still waiting for a disrupting idea, though. Financial market is dominated by big banks and insurance companies.… Read More »


Singapore’s President pays visit to Poland

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President of Singapore has come for a two-day state visit to Poland. President Tony Tan Ken Yam emphasized advantages of Singapore as a regional center enabling expansion into South-East Asian markets. Meeting between the heads of both states has mainly economic character.

Poland records GDP growth

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Central Statistical Office of Poland announced today that Poland’s GDP, seasonally unadjusted increased by 4 percent in the first quarter of 2017 in comparison with the previous year. GDP grew by 1 percent in quarterly terms.

Berliner Zeitung

Keep calm and move to Berlin

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In three years Germany has transformed from a negligible player into European technological startup market leader. Since 2013 an amount of new firms has skyrocketed. The cause lies, among others, in the rapid growth of startup ecosystem. Berlin over these three years became not only German but also a continental capital of European startups. The… Read More »

future city

Fill the tank with hydrogen up, please

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We may learn very soon that hydrogen-powered cars are not so distant future. World Economic Forum 2017 turned out to be a turning point. During the Summit automotive companies agreed on the investments and support for promoting this kind of cars. During this year’s meeting in Davos, 13 companies launched Hydrogen Council. It is the… Read More »


Innovative economy

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2019 will be a year when electromobility development will be visible in economy’s indicators. Influence of this sector’s growth on the whole Polish economy, one can consider on several levels. The growth of electric vehicle market will result in substantial increase in electricity consumption across the country. It will lead to less fuel consumption and… Read More »


Davos 2017: New stage of the fight against climate change

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Beijing smog problem makes headlines for some considerable time. At the moment when President of the United States declared withdrawal from the Paris agreement, China expressed the opposite rhetoric. Xi Jinping underlined that climate change is a global problem and countries should stick to Paris Agreement and fulfilled it because signatories already agreed to the… Read More »


Made in Germany

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The German economy like a powerful icebreaker year after year moves towards economic growth. The largest in the EU and one of the biggest economy in the world had the quickest growth rate in 5 years. In the previous year, domestic demand has contributed significantly to that. Inflation has fallen to a record low which… Read More »