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Fill the tank with hydrogen up, please

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We may learn very soon that hydrogen-powered cars are not so distant future. World Economic Forum 2017 turned out to be a turning point. During the Summit automotive companies agreed on the investments and support for promoting this kind of cars. During this year’s meeting in Davos, 13 companies launched Hydrogen Council. It is the… Read More »

electric cars

Electric car boom

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One million electric vehicles are to be present on Polish roads in ten years time from now. Mateusz Morawiecki – Deputy Prime Minister of Poland and Development Minister set this goal in an electric-mobility program. Municipal electric buses and car sharing are to be incentives for electric vehicles’ use. The goal is very ambitious. Electric… Read More »

Sonny Nam Hyundai

Cars for tomorrow

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“In the future, global demand will change dramatically due to environmental issues. We have been developing products to satisfy this trend.” – says Sonny Nam, President of Hyundai Motor Poland. PolandWeek.com: When have the company been established and why? Sonny Nam: Officially our founder Chung Ju-Yung set up our company in 1967. He started to… Read More »


Autonomous car for you and me

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There is a company that seeks to provide the latest technologies at acceptable prices. Because even though we keep hearing voices that innovations are changing the way we move, including cars primarily, we still treat it as a future, yet not an innovation one will use in just a moment. However, South Korean concern Hyundai… Read More »


Davos 2017: New stage of the fight against climate change

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Beijing smog problem makes headlines for some considerable time. At the moment when President of the United States declared withdrawal from the Paris agreement, China expressed the opposite rhetoric. Xi Jinping underlined that climate change is a global problem and countries should stick to Paris Agreement and fulfilled it because signatories already agreed to the… Read More »

Apple iPhone

Profitable recycling

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According to the latest environmental report published by Apple, the company recovered gold worth nearly $ 40 million from recycled phones and computers. Many companies introduce recycling policies, and there is more than just environmental reasons for that. Recycling became a lucrative business as one can learn from Apple’s latest Environmental Responsibility Report. In the… Read More »