Gerhard Cromme Siemens

Industry 4.0 at NOAH17 Berlin

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The technological revolution has reached all sectors of the economy. Modern solutions are changing all areas of activity in the company. Regardless of the size and market, digitalization transforms the way businesses work, and it’s inevitable. It turns out that the winners will be those who will adapt to it faster. Digitalization is a trend… Read More »



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French presidential election has proven once again that social media can influence the outcome of elections. Emmanuel Macron won the presidential election in France garnering 66 percent to 34 percent for the French far-right leader. Even though pre-election polls indicated that centrist politician held a significant advantage over Marine Le Pen, there was uncertainty until… Read More »


Possible new infections with WannaCry

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Cyberattack on Friday caused enormous problems across the world. So far malicious software infected 200 000 computers in 150 countries. Ransomware attack hit among others, British hospitals, Renault, Nissan, Deutsche Bahn, FedEx, and Spanish Telefónica. Malware WannaCry encrypts files on Windows computers that have not installed the security update. Infected devices display ransom demands of… Read More »