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5G is not only a better version of 4G LTE. It won’t be just another upgrade of current technology. 5G will unlock new opportunities that today nobody can even predict. Carriers will launch 5G probably in 2020 and by 2025 5G service will be commercially available. Telecoms invest in the new network because it will… Read More »


5G – another step closer to reality

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In so far as some people can still say that 5G is an uncertain matter, today they are closer to see this distant future with their own eyes. During CES 2019 companies announced their concrete solutions. Samsung showed off its 5G smartphone prototype. Telecommunication companies declared that -starting approximately at midyear- they will be launching… Read More »


Why do we all need 5G?

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When customers have access to 5G on a massive scale, and estimates show that it may happen by 2025, fast downloading of movies in 4K will be not a tech novelty. Ultrafast Internet will allow connecting massive amounts of devices to the wireless network. They will be able to communicate with one another and react… Read More »