Smart home for everyone

When will smart home no longer be just a gadget? It could happen perhaps pretty soon. At least this is what smart speakers’ sales results indicate.

Smart speakers influence smart home idea as a whole because of their convenience. All you have to do is speak to it. You will receive pretty much in response. More and more over time.

How intelligent home works

Amazon has pioneered smart speakers. It built Amazon Echo. Today several other companies sell smart speakers: Google – Google Home Max and Mini, Microsoft – Invoke, Apple – Apple HomePod. This kind of speaker is waiting for commands to which it responds thanks to a virtual voice assistant “closed inside” the speaker. Currently, it can be Alexa (Amazon), Siri (Apple), Google Assistant, Cortana (Microsoft).

Google said that since it had introduced smaller model Google Home Mini to the market, it had sold its one Home device every second. These solutions make impressive progress because it is Artificial Intelligence that, thanks to machine learning, are more responsive to questions and commands. Google, for instance, trains its Assistant on an ongoing basis, adding a new set of instructions every once in a while. Voice assistant gains more and more skills over time, today already, it is pretty much. Google, for example, has extended capabilities within all its services like calendars and notes. Amazon, in turn, is doing great in home automation.

In addition to adding a task to the app, an assistant can control home. It can turn on and off the light, change its color, set the temperature in a given room, turn on and off heating, open and close door, and more. Voice assistant makes easier what has been available on the market for a few years now, which is smart home systems, provided by companies like such as Google, Apple, Microsoft. Tech giants built the Internet of Things platforms allowing, through the bridge, connecting devices that automate home (Google Smart Home Platform, Apple HomeKit, Microsoft Home Hub). External companies manufacturing light bulbs, thermostats, cameras, door locks, hoovers, smart sockets can build products compatible with those platforms. Selection of products is increasingly wide what causes prices to be more affordable.

Is smart home useful at all? Those who benefited from one solution, don’t want to stop at it. So it appears that voice assistant has opened the doors to the smart home in every home.