Smart home for everyone

smart home

Today few homeowners search for solutions that would turn their place to live into a smart home. So far the technology itself is a reason of that. Nevertheless, everything indicates that smart solutions will be present in each house in few years. Contrary to what is commonly being said, smart home is not only the comfort.

Full automation of the house has applications that are much more basic and important. It can improve the security of the house and its residents, as well as improve conditions prevailing in the house. It happens thanks to the presence of sensors which, located all over the house and around it, provide information on the prevailing conditions. Motion detectors show when someone would be anywhere near the house. If someone tries to break in, cameras will take a picture and notify security. You can watch what is happening in the house on a smartphone whether you are at home or not.

List of advantages of smart home is not only security. It also means significant savings. Because that kind of a house control heating, and can adjust the temperature depending on whether residents are at home or not. In such house one saves a lot of energy because lights switch off automatically when people don’t use them, and appliances are the system plug appliances off if not in use. These kinds of solutions influence significantly not only savings but also an efficient use of energy. Such savings can reach even several tens of percent.

When will houses start to change into smart homes?

For many years already smart houses have been under discussion, and yet they are still treated more as a novelty. In the first instance, it is a problem of technology. Solutions that are available immediately on the market are single products. Consumers can’t combine them themselves into one whole. Google, Apple already provide solutions that integrate smart elements of and in the house and integrate into the system more and more devices: thermostats, lighting, windows. Consumers want to have all in one place. Today already they can have it when they decide on BMS – a system that one can install in a given building which controls automatically particular functions. It is important to realize that smart home is not only the comfort: home theater and different types of lights. It also results in significant savings.