My Moya Poland


Polish transport companies have become a real power. They already handle more than 25% of the international transports in Europe.

Adverse political changes in the east, such as the Russian embargo, made Polish food producers and transport companies look for new clients in western Europe.
It is common knowledge that when carrying on a transport and sales business, you have to pay attention to fuel prices. They are higher in the west than on the domestic market. In addition, you have to settle fuel prices in euro, which – in view of the recent currency fluctuations related to the Brexit – increases uncertainty of the transport costs.

In such case, many companies transporting goods to the west decide to refill their fleets at border stations. It also becomes a standard to provide drivers with fleet cards enabling cashless transactions in Poland and the whole Europe.

This is the solution in the strategy of the Moya petrol station chain. Still a newcomer, yet already a major player, we strongly develop our chain of petrol stations. The apple of our eye are the stations situated near the western border – Słubice, Gorzyczki, Różyniec, Kołbaskowo, Iłowa, Szczytna. This is where our fleet customers are present.

Drivers know that when transporting food products, which Poland is famous for, they cannot lose time to look for a station which is good enough.

That’s why we created an original, multi-partner fleet program under which fleet cards of the following operators are accepted at Moya stations: UTA, DKV, EUROWAG, IQ CARD, BZA or MOYA FIRMA. And in Europe, MOYA/IQ CARD.

We know that perfect timing is essential in the transport industry as consumers across Europe are waiting for Polish dairy products or apples.

In addition, you should know that we were distributing Polish apples at Moya stations after Russia put an embargo thereon.


Sławomir Prusinowski, Fleet Card Director at Moya