Let’s live in the smart city

smart city

By 2050, 77 percent of the world’s population will live in cities. The development of urban areas is intense, makes existing problems to grow further and poses new challenges of the everyday life for citizens. In the future smart cities will be able to deal with all that.

Today already functioning in the city is difficult. It is most visible by the example of transport problems. Not only old big cities struggle with adapting transit system to the number of vehicles. Traffic jams have become problems for smaller towns as well. Such a huge number of vehicles is a communication problem. On the other hand, it causes tremendous environmental pollution affecting humans who live in the urban area. The quality of air has an influence not only on the quality of life but most of all on health.

Smog is the most visible sign of pollution. Paris to fight it, banned old diesel cars from entering the city. However, ecology is not the only problem of today’s cities. Moving about cities comes with the lack of traffic flow all around the world. Solving these issues is the role of smart city, which make use of available data and the latest technologies to deal with problems.

How does smart city address problems? In the field of transport data collected from surveillance cameras may provide information regarding traffic. In this way, it is possible to steer traffic smartly, allowing reducing congestion. The same data may serve to plan road reconstruction ahead carefully, or alternative forms of transport and identification of hazards. Such solutions already exist or are currently being created throughout the world. All of them aim at fixing everyday problems of residents in all aspects of life. It’s not only transport but also health care, security, waste management, access to water, energy management, e-administration and public access to the internet. Introducing smart solutions in these areas will facilitate the functioning of inhabitants and contribute to sustainable development. A smart city is at its core a better, safer and more economical living in the city.