Jumping man in the family of petrol station networks

For years Robert used to fill up his car at a petrol station near his home. But recently this station has been undergoing changes – the logo of a large petrol company gave way to a new, blue-red logotype with a jumping little man. He was intrigued by what was happening. That was the first time he saw Moya logo. Until that day, he preferred to tank up at petrol stations under well-known brands of large petrol companies. He was wondering what actually was about to change.

Finally, the station was reopened. He decided to see with his own eyes what changed or not.
He met familiar customer service personnel but he also noticed that a can of energy drink, he used to buy on his commute to work, has changed its color to red. He also noticed, that the food court has changed – maybe for the better. Having seen everything carefully, he headed to the checkout. That was the spot where the greatest surprise awaited him. Actually, the price for the petrol was 5 groszy lower per liter as compared to the price set at the pump.

As he walked out, he also noticed a massive truck coming slowly at the station.
This needs to be a good station if the truck fleet come to fill up petrol in here – he thought – and a hot dog was tasty as ever.

Moya competes with the largest players on the petrol retail distribution market. Within one year, the number of locations with “jumping little man” logo has jumped to 113. And steadily one hears about new locations.
At such low oil prices period the sheer size of Anwim’s investments may be a surprise. But indeed, Moya bets its future on dynamically growing fleet market.
According to Mr. Leszek Hendzel – COO of Moya – “For our fleet customers, we develop a network of self-serving petrol stations near Polish borders. We just need to be where our clients’ business is.”

In three sentences:
Individual customers visit Moya stations in constantly growing numbers. The company has significantly broadened its truck fleet client base over recent years. Moya confidently competes with the biggest players on the market.