It is worth being careful when filling up a car

car refill

“Be careful where you do refill,” the warning until recently, caused thrills on a shiver down the drivers and the perspective of visiting in the car repair.
The success of our government legislative and executive in recent years was the elimination of the illegal fuel from the petrol stations market according to the new law regulations.

Against illegal fuel a new phenomenon has been occurred, quoted by the fuel market experts, for about 4 billion zloty every single year !
How does it look like ? Fuel purchased in countries of the European Community, is without subject matter of the Value Added Tax (VAT) by itself. Considering polish tax regulations, fuel importing companies are compulsory to pay VAT to the State Treasury. But they didn’t do this ! For the market dealing, very low price fuel is being processed, where the amount of unpaid tax is being consumed by the final client. Unconscious end-customers are participating in this turnover, which is definitely illegal.

In this case, they are focusing only on low pump price, which is different on the other petrol stations. Such a situation may cause, that we will be participants of these illegal practice. Therefore it is necessarily to be careful where do we refill our vehicles.


Leszek Hendzel, COO of The Petrol Station Network Moya