Internet of Things helps saving water

water and Internet of Things

By using sensors and appropriate analysis that is taking advantage of Internet of Things, Wroclaw saved a half billion liters of water (132 million gallons) within one single year. Smart City not only conserves water but also earn money from the solution built in cooperation with technology companies (one of the software houses and Microsoft).

Climate change results in many water-related problems. In some parts of the world, widespread drought leads to water scarcity, in other ones, torrential rains contribute to floods. Regardless of the problem to handle, entire world strives at using water prudently, because resources in the worldwide calculation are drying up. Polish city of Wroclaw is an excellent example, how one can find itself in three years among the leading European cities conserving water.

How SmartFlow works

SmartFlow carefully monitors water supply system. Highly developed sensor system allocated around the city collects data about water pressure and the amount of water in the network. Then it transmits this huge volume of data to the information system, which analyzes and processes it. Workers of MPWiK in Wroclaw see on screens visualized information in the form of graphs. If the system pinpoints the problem, it informs dispatcher. The repair team sent to marked location perform accurate and credible measurements and analyze the situation. Since failures detected by the network of sensors are microleakages, invisible to the naked eye, the team performs repair procedures using advanced measuring equipment. To localize a place of possible failure allows to fix it quickly before it leads to significant water losses.
In the case of the classic system, it takes even 180 days to detect failures. SmartFlow limited this time to 72 hours.
Wroclaw possesses 2037 km of pipe links. Controlling water pipes comparable to the distance from Warsaw to Dublin is almost inconceivable. Thanks to smart solutions it is possible to get the whole water supply system under control and save what is the most important. Water resources.