Here comes “Black Friday”?

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Moody’s will release a new report on Poland on May, 13th. Most analysts expect that the agency will cut the rating by one degree or at least will reduce the credit outlook for Poland. The downgrade is possible as the constitutional crisis increases the risk for foreign investors. The other reason for concern is the… Read More »


Safe traveling

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According to numerous studies and surveys carried out by insurance companies and tour operators, one out of three Poles goes on vacation without an additional travel insurance. The situation is definitely much better than it used to be a few years ago but still too many travelers do not take enough care about their safety.… Read More »


Holidays that cost 800 000 PLN

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The most expensive medical treatment given to a Polish citizen abroad amounted to over 800 000 PLN – according to a 2015 survey prepared by Mondial Assistance. This was the total cost of necessary medical assistance to a person who fainted while swimming in ocean off the coast of the United States. A similar case… Read More »

Apple iPhone

Profitable recycling

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According to the latest environmental report published by Apple, the company recovered gold worth nearly $ 40 million from recycled phones and computers. Many companies introduce recycling policies, and there is more than just environmental reasons for that. Recycling became a lucrative business as one can learn from Apple’s latest Environmental Responsibility Report. In the… Read More »


What is happening with oil price?

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Global oil prices have continued on their steady downward path over the past year, having plunged sharply in the six months or so from mid-2014. The recent global economic slowdown has driven down demand for oil, while many of the world’s largest oil producers have decided not to cut production, leading to a massive oversupply… Read More »