Cars like smartphones


Today’s cars mean ecology, safety, and pleasure from driving. Tomorrow’s cars mean autonomous traveling, combined with the comfort of business class in commercial airliners. Between today and tomorrow, car manufacturers recognize new space described as connected car. That is what today’s customers of smartphone’s apps expect. They wish vehicles they use to turn into a gigantic smartphone. Such vehicle will warn against severe weather conditions, gets a list of meetings for today directly from the calendar app, find and plan the most economical route for each appointment.

A smartphone itself can be a key to a car. By using it, the driver can give a code to a trusted person.
Connected car will call emergency services in the event of a collision or a crash. One can check car parameters, for example, use of brake pads, tire pressure, date of car’s service. One feature turned out to be extremely useful, that is finding a parked car. After all, we all know the problem when we, like lunatics, walk around the multi-level car park at the shopping center trying to remember if we left a car on the blue or green level.

During the carjacking, a car not only informs us through the app about what is happening but also it can send us GPS coordinates. We then can shut off the power in our beloved car using the Internet network. It maybe sounds like it came from a sci-fi movie, but many carmakers either offer these types of solutions or are working on them.

Today drivers and passengers have the choice between solutions created by factories and products designed by Apple, Google. The two tech giants offer car manufacturers finished solutions based on their systems known from smartphones. It is iOS CarPlay and Android Auto. They allow drivers to connect their favorite smartphone to car’s control system. In this way, it is possible to use apps directly on the car console. It is a very good alternative for carmakers, often in the form of subscription.

Next time you will surf the Internet, remember that your car is already there, and can carefully watch if you happen to look for a new model.