Autonomous car for you and me


There is a company that seeks to provide the latest technologies at acceptable prices. Because even though we keep hearing voices that innovations are changing the way we move, including cars primarily, we still treat it as a future, yet not an innovation one will use in just a moment. However, South Korean concern Hyundai is beginning to specialize in delivering high-tech solutions to average customers. It has implemented such strategy successfully in the US market, and expand it to all its products, while still seeking and testing solutions to be offered at the affordable price.

Car without a driver

So far “empty” car could be seen with own eyes only in a few places in the world, though the most likely are roads in California. By what can we recognize an autonomous car (obviously excluding absence of a driver)? Definitely, by accessories on the roof, that is in some cases a ball, which is a LIDAR system, enabling a vehicle to scan the environment and overlying what it sees on maps. For some time one has had to be on the alert since Hyundai recently obtained authorization for testing cars on highways and local roads in South Korea. Its flagship, autonomous model doesn’t have any device on the roof. Everything has been hidden in the bumper. It looks like any other car. Concern places emphasis on the price of the autonomous system. In practice, Hyundai, for instance, uses cameras used by other safety systems that already are in the car. According to the concern’s ambition, such car will be available on the market by 2020. Until then, Hyundai plans to commercialize its model and underlines that 2020 is a feasible deadline. Taking into consideration how well went it with introducing hydrogen fueled car into the market, in 2020 we will be able to see “ordinary” car without a driver.