Artificial Intelligence will do your job better than you do

Artificial Intelligence

It is estimated that by 2020 Artificial Intelligence will put millions of people out of work. So there is a reason that AI becomes a social issue, and one of the most often raised subjects during discussions on the future of economies.

Some predict that machines will be able to replace humans in performing all tasks. Robots will take the place of people who will not find any employment. Others believe that it will never happen, and changes will occur only in areas where AI will perform only repeatable tasks. On the other hand, it will remain a help in everyday activities. Regardless of which option has the highest likelihood of happening, it is certain that AI will transform labor market. In which direction – it is unknown because it depends on the pace of technology development and deployment on which market and particular companies decide.

Artificial Intelligence can now do the job of radiologists, lawyers, bankers, and accountants. Changes in customer service and sales are visible as well. Although technology grows at a breakneck pace, many experts point out that changes in the labor market won’t develop quickly. It will be an evolution rather than revolution, just like other groundbreaking technologies. Together with eliminating some professions, there will be a demand for other ones. However, these types of jobs will be created. One talks the most often about occupations at the junction of AI and human beings. That is where yet unsolved problem of communication between humans and machines occurs. Undoubtedly those types of jobs will be created as well as new professions that will become ubiquitous in the future. Additionally, experts highlight that there are fields, and tasks which machines will not be able to take over.

The fundamental difference between machines and humans is emotions and social skills. Thanks to them people can motivate each other, care and comfort. Due to this fact, one stresses that some professions have the bright future: managers and entrepreneurs. One points out these two groups the most often, emphasizing their competences in the area of planning, creative thinking, and management.

No matter what scenario for the future we choose, each of them says that Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are going to transform economies and societies. To which extent and how quickly it will take place, it is a matter of so many elements that we have to wait to see what impact will AI have.